What is L.U.R.J.?

Simply put, L.U.R.J. stands for Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal. It is is a place for undergraduates to submit and read academic papers.

How do I submit my paper?

You should probably read the instructions for authors page. It will give you an overview of the process and how to proceed.

Why would I want to submit a paper to begin with?

There are many reasons why you would and should submit your papers. Here are some examples:

  • to build support for your ideas from other students,
  • to take credit for the good papers that you write,
  • to gain credence from your peers as well as from your instructors,
  • to help you with your scholastic endeavors, and
  • to promote discussion in the undergraduate community to which you belong.

Conversely, when should I not publish a paper I have written?

You should not publish a paper that has been written in conjunction with another student and you have not received their permission to publish. You should also not submit anything that is plagiarized or not in a proper academic format (eg. your paper lacks citations). Please contact us if you have any specific concerns.

Can I submit a paper that I have previously handed-in for marks at school?

Why not? You wrote it, right?

How is one deemed qualified for editing?

There are no formal procedures nor qualifications one must posses in order to become a member. The best thing is simply to ask.

What does being called an editor entail for me?

Being an editor is simply about applying your particular body of knowledge to determine whether an article submission by a peer is suitable for publication. You should review to make sure the article is valid. Checking for grammar and spelling would be tremendously time consuming, and is not necessary because it is the authors responsibility to make sure they are being coherent. The amount of reviewing you choose to do is entirely your decision, but you should certainly participate when you can.

What about plagiarism? Are there any policies in effect that deal with this issue?

In short, it is not tolerated. See the whitepaper for more information on L.U.R.J. policy. The L.U.R.J. will not be responsible for any repercussions as a result of you being caught cheating.

Does the ownership of the paper change when I submit it to the L.U.R.J.?

No. You still own the copyright, and are given full credit and acknowledgment for your paper when you publish it here. However, by submitting it and consequently have it published, you are granting explicit permission to the L.U.R.J. to use your paper (with attribution as stated above) in perpetuity for the sole purpose of publishing either online or in print under the moniker of the L.U.R.J. In other words, you are going to let us use your paper in the normal course of publishing.

What is peer review?

Here are several links that deal with peer review:

  • Wikipedia article on "Peer Review"
  • The Invisible Hand of Peer Review
  • A professor, librarian, or someone at L.U.R.J. will be able to assist you further.

When is the deadline for submitting papers?

Papers are accepted at all times. New issues are released approximately every 4 months.

How can I help?

Besides submitting your articles, you can help by becoming a member of the editorial board. Your duties on the board will include peer review. You will be fully acknowledged as a participating member. Also, if you have some unique skills that you believe could be of use to the L.U.R.J., please contact us!

How can I contact someone at the L.U.R.J. (for any reason)?

Please see the page footer below for contact information.

Is the L.U.R.J. affiliated with the University of Lethbridge?


My question is not answered here. Where else can I go?

Please see our contact information in the page footer to get in contact with someone who can help you.