Once you have decided to submit your paper to us, follow the checklist below. You will be notified when your paper begins peer review and then once again when a decision is made.

  1. Does your paper contain proper referencing, if required?
  2. Is it in a document that contains:
    1. the article title?
    2. the article itself?
    3. a short and clearly identified abstract?

Please observe the following guidelines when formatting your manuscript. Doing so will ease your submission through the review pipeline.

  1. Be sure to save your document as one of the following: .doc, .docx, .odt, or .rtf
  2. On the first page, include only the title of your article.
  3. Do not place the author information in the document. By omitting names, review impartiality is preserved and you remain anonymous to the editors.
  4. Ensure that any tables and graphs render properly. If necessary, attach figures as JPG but include insertion instructions in the main document.

In another document, include the following:

  1. your abstract (if you have one),
  2. author information, including names, affiliations, brief biographical summaries, and acknowledgments.
    • A biographical paragraph could include things such as your major, and year of study.
    • (optional) A statement of acknowledgment could enounce your thanks to a professor for assisting you with your paper.
    • (optional) Public, internet viewable correspondence details such as email address, or mailing address.

This information will be incorporated into the published article.

Attach your manuscript and supporting document to an email that has:

  1. your name,
  2. the article title,
  3. the discipline(s) whose editorial board should do the review (see the editorial board for a list), and
  4. any other special instructions or concerns that you may have

Send the email to articles@lurj.org.

Please keep in mind that the entire process beginning with your submission and ending with publication may take up to 6 months. Please be sure to provide an email address that will be valid after this amount of time as passed.