Gajetzki, Andy
Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada


Editorial. Gajetzki, Andy . Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal. Volume 1 Number 1. 2006.

Dear Readers,

Thank you very much for your interest in the Lethbridge Undergraduate Research Journal. I will begin this first issue by extending my personal thanks to all those who have been involved in making this release come to life. This includes the authors themselves, without whom we would not have an issue, the editors and reviewers, who have spent many hours in front of computer monitors reading all the submissions that we have received, and the faculty advisers who have lent us their knowledge, expertise, and time, for little in return. I hope the experience has been a pleasurable one for everyone.

As is the case with most young projects, we too, have had our share of tribulations. As a multidisciplinary journal, we had to address concerns about accommodating the wide-ranging standards of publication across each of the disciplines present in academia. While we are all learning through this process, I believe that everyone has been open-minded and has pulled together well in support of our goal. It is my opinion that the essence of academic publication has been captured in this issue, and that the differences in style serve to enhance the scope of the excellent content that we are making available. Time and experience will allow us to refine our editorial and publication process, and I look forward to employing the knowledge we gain for our next issue in August 2006.

Due to the wonderful response and subsequent large number of articles we received for this issue, we recognized the need to highlight the papers that we felt were the crème de la crème and therefore decided to publish those as “featured” articles. We hope these pieces, chosen collectively by the editors, reflect upon our readers the level of quality that we wish to attain at the LURJ, and prove to be both entertaining to read, as well as a useful resource in scholarly endeavors.

I would like to encourage everyone to submit articles at any time, and not only during a ‘Call for Papers' campaign. Interested undergraduates can also volunteer for a position with the editorial board, and faculty are always invited and welcome to contribute their knowledge and expertise to the journal's adviser panel.

I have no doubt that you will enjoy this issue, and as always, I invite your comments and suggestions. Let this premiere release mark the anniversary for a long and prosperous relationship between the LURJ and the community it serves.

Thank you very much for your patronage.

Sincerely yours,

Andy Gajetzki

Editor in Chief